My name is Ming, I am a multi disciplined media artist that has the opportunity to learn and practice many creative forms of art and design. I started as a graphic designer and fine artist with a focus in traditional Southeast Asian art, and sculpture. I slowly progressed with the development of technology to using computers to create animation, motion graphics and 3D. It has always been my interest and hobby to stay with traditional media through illustration keeping my creative roots alive while learning and getting good at all the new media. This is my personal portfolio from projects that I have worked on as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, 3D modeler, Animator, Creative Director.

Some of the work was done collaboratively with my project teammates then, in another firm. I would like to acknowledge their talents and you will see credit being given to the fantastic folks I had the pleasure to work and collaborate with. Not to forget all the studios and agencies that I have worked at, Multimedia People, Quadcopia in Singapore, Norris Design, SMASH Visual Media.

I love giving back to the city and country that has given me so much, I volunteer for many organizations throughout my 10 years in Denver, CO. From the American Lung Cancer Association, to the Denver Children’s Home and Work Options for Women, I am passionate about helping people and organizations anyway I can, it may not always be monetary, but usually I will donate my time and skills to help.

I am currently working at Condit Exhibits.